SJ Personnel offers professional Human Resources services including HR Compliance, HR Advice and HR Auditing to businesses throughout Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne areas.

HR Compliance

We here at SJ Personnel understand your needs to meet your legal obligations as an employer, and we are here to help you meet those by providing you with the following:

  • Review of all current policy, process and procedure
  • Implementation of workplace policies as required
  • Regular ongoing update on legal changes

HR Advice

As an employer, there are always situations in the workplace that are complex and require specific responses in a HR capacity. At SJ Personnel we can provide:

  • On-call advice services during business hours
  • Unlimited access to advice for a monthly fee
  • Detailed advice in-person for performance and disciplinary processes
  • Salary scaling and award interpretation advice

HR Audit

As an introductory and ongoing yearly process we will audit the following and update accordingly:

  • Policy audit and update
  • Procedure audit and update
  • Employment contract audit and update
  • Salary banding and award benchmarking

Contact us today to talk about your needs or discuss our full range of HR Services.

  • Employment contracts
  • Salary scaling and banding
  • HR Policies and forms
  • Performance review processes
  • Performance Improvement Planning and systems (Performance Management)
  • Training needs analysis and planning
  • Recruitment solutions
  • Individual growth planning
  • Job Descriptions
  • Internal investigation processes
  • Grievance management
  • Senior management development
  • Industrial & Employee relations advice and management
  • Outplacement services
  • Employee engagement survey and improvement planning
  • Graduate development and attraction.
  • OH&S and compliance advice and guidance


SJ Personnel work with businesses and candidates based in the Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne regions.

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